Goldie Bracelet Set



Goldie Bracelet Set 

The Goldie Bracelet Set is an everyday bracelet set with a little bit of flair. 

Included in the set is our Teddi Bracelet, Satellite Bracelet, and Elliott Bracelet 

This bracelet stack is made in 14k gold fill. 

To find your perfect bracelet length, we suggest using a piece of string that hangs naturally like a bracelet and a ruler to determine your desired size.

***All bracelets will come with a one inch extender chain that can be easily removed at home with a pair of pliers if desired. If you know an exact chain length that you would like your bracelet made in, please put that information in the notes section of your shopping cart and we can make it for you! If requesting a specific bracelet size to be made, no extender chain will be provided.***