Permanent jewelry is a fun new trend that everyone is excited about! Permanent jewelry features custom-fit and clasp-less jewelry that is welded together, making it "permanent" until you decide to take it off.

At Every + Day Collective Co., you can find us popping up around the Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee areas for public events at markets, festivals, and small businesses! The best way to find us is to follow us over on Instagram where we keep customers updated on where we'll be. 

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      Want to know more about the permanent jewelry we offer? Check out our FAQ below: 

      What is permanent jewelry?

      Permanent jewelry is custom fit jewelry that is welded on in a simple, safe, and easy process. Because the jewelry is welded on, the jewelry piece will not have a clasp, therefore, "semi-permanently" staying put.

        What is the jewelry made of?

        We offer 14k gold-filled, sterling silver, and 14k solid gold options in bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. We have approximately 12 sterling silver and gold filled options to choose from, along with 3 solid gold options!

          How long does it take to get permanent jewelry?

          The process is pretty quick! It takes about 5 minutes to get sized and welded after you've picked out your chain. The longest part of the process is your wait in line :) 

            What if I need to remove it? 

            Your jewelry can be easily removed at home with a pair of scissors. If you need to remove your jewelry, you will cut the link where your jewelry was welded.

              Can I wear my jewelry through TSA? 

              Yes! You can wear fine jewelry through TSA. However, if you need an MRI, you're likely to be asked to remove your jewelry.

                Does the welding process hurt? 

                Not at all! It's an easy, safe, and simple process, and we make sure to take safety precautions to protect you during the welding process.

                  Can I bring my own chain? 

                  We only allow chain that is sold and purchased at Every Day Collective Co.

                    How long does the jewelry last?

                    As long as you want to keep it on! Our metals have a long life and won't tarnish in the shower, pool, or when sweating. If you need to shine it up to your liking, you can do that at home with a simple dish wash soap and a washcloth. Most people find that they don't need to shine it up though.

                      Will it tarnish? 

                      Nope! We use high quality metals that can be worn in the shower, during exercise, etc. We do recommend staying away from chlorine and chemicals that the jewelry would be exposed to on a daily basis. However, jewelry in a pool every once in awhile shouldn't effect it. 

                        What if it breaks? 

                        Breaking of the chains is rare, but it is your responsibility to take care of your jewelry as best as possible. If for some reason it does break, you can find us at one of our pop-up events and get it re-welded for a small fee. 

                          How much does it cost? 


                            $55-75 for 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver

                            $150 for 14k Solid Gold


                              $75-95 for Gold Filled or Sterling Silver

                              $19 per inch for 14k Solid Gold


                                $8 per inch for 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver

                                $19 per inch for 14k Solid Gold

                                If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us for more information!